Scotland was not on my list of places to visit last winter. Not because I didn't want to go, but because I was worried I had not packed warm enough clothing to enjoy it in January. After all, I only had a loose itinerary but it was geared towards more mild climates. However, I talked to enough people (locals at bars mainly...remember when we could do things like that?!) and they all told me, "Go to Edinburgh! It's been a mild winter and you'll be fine!" So with my Airbnb in London ending in a few days and no clue where I would go next, I thought, what the hell...Edinburgh it is. I loved it there and I met some really incredible women I spent most of my evenings with. A few favorite moments from my time in this beautiful city are below. I'm always apprehensive to share my travel photos, because they are very personal. Looking at these photos remind me how I was feeling and my overall exhilaration I was feeling to be exploring somewhere new and actually doing this trip solo...even when the subject matter is not the most exciting. Aside from walking all over the city, I managed to make it to Arthur's Seat, the botanical garden (a destination I try to make it to in any city that has one...even in January), and I spent some time photographing a cat as well. Reason number one traveling alone isn't so bad...spend as much time with street cats as you want, who's going to complain? Ok, maybe the cat.