Chloe and Rob chose to have their engagement session in Lincoln Park in the spring. Aside from wanting some nice photos, they were a bit nervous about doing photos and really wanted to get more comfortable in front of the camera. It gave me a chance to see where their comfort level was and we chatted about things they liked and didn't like once they received their photos. I can't stress how beneficial this is...both to the couple and the photographer. I highly recommend taking the time and investing in an engagement session. If it's not totally in your budget, talk to your photographer about how you might make something work together! Maybe you offer to do it in the town or neighborhood your photographer lives in. Maybe you book an hour session at only one location. Or maybe you can even book a mini session with your photographer if they are offering ones that work with your timing. A huge purpose of an engagement session, is to warm up to being photographed! It is an opportunity to confront the discomfort you might feel in front of a camera and figure out what you do and don't like so you know how you want to approach photos on your wedding day. Think of this just as you would a dress rehearsal...or a hair and makeup trial! Let's get out there and have fun and laugh together so you know how fun photos can be. Cheers friends!