What a crazy time this is. Everything seems to be up in the air with work and life. We're all sort of doing the best we can with the tools we have. One thing I've felt grateful for is the opportunity to capture a handful of intimate ceremonies. Something being called a mini-mony by our industry. Not to be confused with a micro-wedding which is also a pretty hot buzz word right now. If you're wondering what the difference is, I will do my best to elaborate. Imagine a full wedding...100 people or so, with the ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner, toasts, probably/maybe some dancing. Now shrink that down to less than 50 guests. You have yourself a micro-wedding! A mini-mony on the other hand is focused around the ceremony. A small number of people are present to witness the union, and it does not necessarily lead into the traditional party. The mini-mony has really gained quite a bit of popularity in recent months, and I have enjoyed seeing the way couples have embraced a different kind of celebration for their nuptials. I hope this is change that is still embraced by some couples in the coming years, even if it is no longer out of necessity. A very big congratulations to Stephanie and Matt...it was a pleasure to kick off my mini-mony experience with you two!

Planning: Riley Love Lulu // Floral Design: Bloomsters //

HMUA: Celia Castaneda // Videography: Slow Fall Cinema